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200m2 of goods that the best Canarian artists, artisans, enologists, and brewers have to offer. Come experience the true Canary Islands.

The top local artisans work with care and detail on each of their creations, making Mar de Nubes a shop with an abundance of creativity and exclusivity.

The true Canarian experience


Original, sostenible and unique: That’s what Canarian fashion is all about.


Discover the islands through the lens of our favorite photographers


Canarian cuisine has its own identity as a result of hundreds of years of cultural blending from the four continents of the local culture


Unique pieces inspired by the land and traditions


Treat yourself with the most natural ingredients cultivated by local farmers


Discover the finest handmade ceramics from the Canary Islands.


With a long tradition in rum distilling, nowadays you can find almost every type of distilled alcohol made in the Canary Islands


Canarian wine culture makes up a large part of the idiosyncrasies of the islands and is, without a doubt, a huge part of the landscape


Microbreweries in Tenerife offer beer styles known worldwide while also adding a touch of Canarian flair

Painting & Illustration

Unique artwork to decorate any space in your house


Artistic recycling brings these sculptures to life

Canarian knives

Knives created following the traditional technique of Canarian knife makers


Fashion and complements for the special kids in your life


Small souvenirs handmade in the Canary Islands


Submerge yourself in the pages of our favorite Canarian authors

Nos encantó el sitio, un buen escaparate para artesanos y artistas de Tenerife. El lugar el que se encuentra es precioso, Vilaflor de Chasna. Nos sorprendió el espacio dedicado a la tienda, grande, espacioso , luminoso y la atención al cliente es exquisita. Parada obligatoria a todo el que pase por este precioso municipio.



Definitely worth a visit! This is charming store that sells local Canary Islands artisan products. They have local wine, spirits, jams, art, clothing, jewelry - basically anything you could want. This is a great place to buy souvenirs your friends and family will actually want - or you can enjoy the products yourselves! They offer tastings of some of the wine so you can try it before you buy it. Come here to support a local business which supports local artisans.

Jaime MSO

Local Guide

Parada con mucho encanto, merece la pena tomar un café y/o un vino típico y comprar algo en la magnífica tienda que tienen puesta con tanto cariño. Muy recomendable, volveremos ¡Gracias!



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